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With more than 4m set top boxes built and shipped for our ODM customers, EKT is the leading global STB design centre. With a best of class approach based on Asian Know How and Western Management, EKT has an international management and engineering team of 120 based in Shenzhen China. This design team is unrivaled in Asia in terms of skills, experience and technology. EKT has developed a plethora of STB products from basic single tuner MPEG2 products to quad tuner, dual SATA, HD PVRs and has worked with all major CAs and middleware solutions, many though a direct license.

EKT focuses on STB ODM designs for Tier 1 STB companies and has completed more than 60 ODM designs to date for well know STB brand names. Our customers have shipped more then 5 million STBs based on our designs.

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Eagle Kingdom Technologies (EKT), was founded in 2007, by 2 professionals, after having worked in the industry for leading STB companies for many years. Since then the company has grown to be one of the leading players in the field of development and manufacturing of STB solutions. EKT is a privately owned company, but partially funded by ZTE Investments, a US $11 Billion Stock listed company. In 2010 EKT opened its European sales office in the Netherlands.

Green strategy


EKT prides it self in it’s “green” design philosophy. All products are designed to meet the lowest possible power and standby power limits, regardless of whether the customer has requested it or not.

We will not design and build inefficient and environmentally unfriendly products on principle and we do not believe it has to add cost.

Leading the industry, we are currently working on using bio-degradable materials to manufacture the STB housings.

People @EKT

Richard Smith
& Andy Yuan

Eagle Kingdom Technologies (EKT) was founded in 2007 by Richard Smith and And Yuan, two Set Top Box professionals with a extensive history in STB development.

Jill Mulder 
& Seppo de Wijngaert

In 2010 Seppo de Wijngaert and Jill Mulder opened the EKT European sales offices in the Netherlands. EKT Europe covers Europe, Russia, the CIS Countries and the Middle East.

pc al Pierre Clemont
& Andy Li

Canadian born Pierre Clemont is VP of engineering and has a rich history in systems, configuration control, power management and testing.

Andy Li is Head of Project Management, worked with some of the world’s leading STB developers and has over 10 years of STB project management experience.

Career @ EKT

At EKT we pride ourselves on only hiring the most qualified engineers and project managers. EKT is constantly looking for new employees to join the team.

Please look below at roles which are currently open, to apply for any post please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the email should contain in the subject line the position name and must be accompanied by your CV and photo.